The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure, but the main reason we want you to wear a mask to protect ME from YOU!

“The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure, but the main reason we want you to wear a mask to protect ME from YOU!” He exclaims towards the end of the video. “This is literally a matter of life or death.”

(CNN)Bill Nye the Science Guy took to TikTok to demonstrate why the general public should wear a mask. “Why do people in the scientific community want you to wear a face mask when you are out in public?” Nye asks in his social video.”Masks prevent particles from my respiratory system from getting into your respiratory system… Blocking the movement of air is an old trick.”

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Most Americans say they regularly wore a mask in stores in the past month; fewer see others doing it

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted June 4-10, 2020.

Overall, 65% of U.S. adults say that they have personally worn a mask in stores or other businesses all or most of the time in the past month, while 15% say they did this some of the time. Relatively small shares of adults say they hardly ever (9%) or never (7%) wore a mask in the past month, and 4% say they have not gone to these types of places.

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Want to prevent another shutdown, save 33,000 lives and protect yourself? Wear a face mask, doctors say

If 95% of Americans wore face masks in public, it could prevent 33,000 deaths by October 1, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

First, health officials said we shouldn’t wear face masks. Then, they said we should. Now, many are saying we must wear masks if we want to keep the economy open and save tens of thousands of lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says everyone “should” wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities.”

Why did health officials tell us not to wear masks before?

What do doctors say about face masks now?

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#WearMaskWhile Challenge

Why are we doing this?

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit New Single-Day High Ahead of July Fourth Weekend

The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure, but the main reason we want you to wear a mask to protect ME from YOU!

Health experts say that the evidence is clear regarding masks being capable of preventing the spread of COVID-19, thus the more people wear masks the better. Due to the abundance of asymptomatic infection, there’s no way to pinpoint who should wear a mask or not; hence, everyone should wear a mask. Additionally, researchers emphasize that there are two main reasons to wear masks: to protect your own life and to protect the well-being of others. Although there isn’t a significant amount of evidence surrounding the protection of the mask-wearer, there is strong evidence about masks protecting others from catching an infection from a person wearing the mask, since infected people can spread the virus just by talking. Therefore, we highly encourage people who already wear masks to speak up and share their actions on social media. We need more and more people to take pride in wearing masks and to support this cause through actions in effort to bring up enough force to fight COVID-19.

What does it mean?

We all know the best way of fighting COVID-19 is to wear a mask, social distancing at least 6 feet apart, and wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer constantly. However, it’s more than just rules, we want to shine a different light on these “mandatory” rules to help masks become more relatable and trendy.

How to support it?

Let’s make it a trend/movement by using #WearMaskWhile and showing off those photos/videos on social media of you wearing face masks whether it is hiking outside, your favorite yoga position, or even something as casual as making a grocery run! Help spread the awareness by challenging your friends and family members to do the same! Again, the more people wear masks, the higher the chance the COVID-19 war can end.

CDC: Who Should Not Wear a Cloth Face Covering

Cloth face coverings should not be worn by:

  • Children younger than 2 years old
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face covering without assistance

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Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus

Do masks protect the people wearing them or the people around them?

“I think there’s enough evidence to say that the best benefit is for people who have COVID-19 to protect them from giving COVID-19 to other people, but you’re still going to get a benefit from wearing a mask if you don’t have COVID-19,” said Chin-Hong.

Masks may be more effective as a “source control” because they can prevent larger expelled droplets from evaporating into smaller droplets that can travel farther.

Another factor to remember, noted Rutherford, is that you could still catch the virus through the membranes in your eyes, a risk that masking does not eliminate.

How many people need to wear masks to reduce community transmission?

“What you want is 100 percent of people to wear masks, but you’ll settle for 80 percent,” said Rutherford. In one simulation, researchers predicted that 80 percent of the population wearing masks would do more to reduce COVID-19 spread than a strict lockdown.

The latest forecast from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation suggests that 33,000 deaths could be avoided by October 1 if 95 percent of people wore masks in public.

Even if you live in a community where few people wear masks, you would still reduce your own chances of catching the virus by wearing one, said Chin-Hong and Rutherford.

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How can I wear my face covering safely?

How can I wear my face covering safely?

To reduce risks to your health, follow these rules:

• Use a face covering for no more than four hours at a time, then wash in hot water and dry thoroughly before using it again

• Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water before you put on the mask

• Wash hands again after removing the covering. Do not touch the outside front part of the covering as the area is likely to be contaminated

• Face coverings are not 100% effective, so continue to practice social distancing and hand washing when you wear a mask

What type of face covering should I use?

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Face masks critical in preventing spread of COVID-19

Study found that wearing a face mask stopped person-to-person spread of the virus

“Our study establishes very clearly that using a face mask is not only useful to prevent infected coughing droplets from reaching uninfected persons, but is also crucial for these uninfected persons to avoid breathing the minute atmospheric particles (aerosols) that infected people emit when talking and that can remain in the atmosphere tens of minutes and can travel tens of feet,”

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Best way to reduce coronavirus transmission is by wearing a face mask, study finds

“Wearing of face masks in public corresponds to the most effective means to prevent interhuman transmission, and this inexpensive practice, in conjunction with simultaneous social distancing, quarantine, and contact tracing, represents the most likely fighting opportunity to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, prior to the development of a vaccine”

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